I'm particularly glad that GIMME MORE is out in the US now. As well as the UK, it's already been published in Germany, France and Italy: the book jackets are below.

This seems like a good place to add how very much I appreciate readers in non-English languages. I couldn't do without you guys.

Anna Lee on TV

In 1993 ITV did two-hour adaptations of the six Anna Lee novels. The next year they were broadcast on A&E in the US.

Anna was played by Imogen Stubbs, who is a brilliant actor - and much prettier than the Anna in my head.



I was born and brought up in London and educated, unsuccessfully, at a particularly horrible all-girls' boarding school. I was dyslexic before dyslexia was known and recognised so I looked pretty stupid on paper.

Things looked up after I went to the City and Guilds of London Art School and later to the Royal Academy Schools of Art. I swore I would never try to write or do maths ever again.

Since then I've worked as a graphic designer, furniture designer, shop assistant, cleaner, hair inserter and colouring artiste at Madame Tussaud's Waxwork museum. Anything to feed the family. Clearly, I never managed to sell many paintings. Also, briefly, I was a roadie for one of the worst bands in London. It was not a steady, well-paid job, but it did provide me with some great material for later on.

Things looked up again when I broke my promise and whiled away a freezing cold winter and spring by writing a detective story which grew into a novel.(Dupe.) I still can't spell, but fortunately other people can; and now I have a computer that can too. Spelling turned out to be pretty unimportant - who'da thunk it?

These days I live in Bath about ten minutes walk away from my daughter and two grandchildren. Things are still looking up.



NOVELS First publication

DUPE London, Collins, 1980
BAD COMPANY London, Collins, 1982
STALKER London, Collins, 1984
HEADCASE London, Collins, 1985
UNDER CONTRACT London, Collins, 1986
RIFT London, Collins, 1988
BACKHAND London, Chatto & Windus, 1991
BUCKET NUT London, Chatto & Windus, 1992
MONKEY WRENCH London, Chatto & Windus, 1994
MUSCLEBOUND London, Bloomsbury, 1997
GIMME MORE London, Bloomsbury, 2000
MISS TERRY, iUniverse 2012
LADY BAG, iUniverse 2013

Anthologies as co-editor

1st CULPRIT (with Michael Z. Lewin)
London, Chatto & Windus, 1992
2nd CULPRIT (with Michael Z. Lewin)
London, Chatto & Windus, 1993
3rd CULPRIT (with Michael Z. Lewin and Peter Lovesey) London, Chatto & Windus, 1994

SHORT STORIES First Published in

"Uniform" NEW CRIMES (89)
"K.K." MURDER & COMPANY (88) BBC Radio, (08)
"Lucky Dip" A WOMAN’S EYE (91)
"In Those Days" 1ST CULPRIT (92)
"Where’s Stacy?" 2ND CULPRIT (93)
"Reconstruction" LONDON NOIR (94)
"Doing It Under the Table" BBC RADIO (92) LUCKY DIP and Other Stories (03)
"Solar Zits" WOMEN ON THE CASE (96)
"A Card or a Kitten" A CLASSIC XMAS CRIME (95)
"Love In Vain" NO ALIBI (95)
"Walking Blues" BLUE LIGHTNING (98)
"Queen of Mean" TART NOIR (02)
"Indian Throw" HER MAJESTY (02)
"Woke Up This Morning" LUCKY DIP and Other Stories (03)
"Listen" LUCKY DIP and Other Stories (03)
"Art, Marriage and Death" Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (05)
"Kali in Kensington Gardens" THE VERDICT OF US ALL (06)
"The Old Story" THE IDEAS EXPERIMENT (06) Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (07)
"Whole Life" Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (10)
"Mr Bo"Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (11)
"I Am Not Fluffy" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (13)
"Day or Night", DEADLY PLEASURES (13)
"A Hand" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (14)
"Ghost Station", MOTIVES FOR MURDER (16)


LUCKY DIP and Other Stories Crippen & Landru 2003


John Creasey Memorial Prize, for DUPE, 1982
(CWA award for best first novel of the year)

CWA Dagger nomination, UNDER CONTRACT, 1987
(for best novel)

MWA Edgar nomination, for DUPE, 1983
(for best novel)

CWA Silver Dagger, for BUCKET NUT, 1993

MWA Edgar nomination, for BACKHAND, 1993
(for best novel)

Anthony Award (for short story), “Lucky Dip”, 1993

The Marlowe (Germany) for MUSCLEBOUND, 1998


Two years in late '80s as coach to Frome Fliers Women's basketball team. Won 17 Lost 3.

Co-creative director of The Sardine Circus.

Creator of Equal Opportunities cribbage.

Co-creator of Cribbage v the Universe

Selected Works

Don't judge a book by its cover, or a bag lady by her appearance. "I didn't always look like this," she says. "Being barmy doesn't mean I'm stupid." Lady Bag does have her problems - her close relationship with cheap red wine, for example. When she gets hammered she talks to her dog. When she's extra-hammered her dog talks to her. Guess who makes better sense. She and her greyhound, Electra, wander through the streets of London, seeing a Dickensian side of the capital city that's only visible to the homeless. Together they accept the kindness or unkindness of strangers with the same wry patience. Until, on one dreadful day, they meet the Devil outside the National Portrait Gallery.
All Birdie Walker wants is some justice for her husband, Jack. But since Jack was a rock star and the justice has to come from the music business, Birdie absolutely has to take some extreme measures.Click on the title for more information.
Short stories
All my short stories up to 2003 are in this collection. It includes two written specially. Click on the title for a bit about how I came to write short stories and more information.
The Anna Lee series
I wrote six novels about Anna Lee. Click on the titles for more information.
The Bucket Nut Trilogy
Professional wrestler Eva Wylie appeared in three novels in the '90s. Click on the titles for more information.
Other stand-alone novels
RIFT is set in the Ethiopia of the 1970s. BALLAD is the story of a girl with a miraculous musical talent. MISS TERRY is the story of what happens to someone who looks different from her neighbours when a grisly discovery is made. Click on the titles for more information.
The story collections I co-edited for Britain's Crime Writers' Association.
In the early '90s I helped edit these three books - aiming them to be more annuals than anthologies. They include many things we're proud to have published. Click on the titles for more information.