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CROCODILES AND GOOD INTENTIONS: further adventures of Lady Bag

August 4, 2018

Dear everyone,

I promised not to swamp you with newsletters but it seems Iíve managed to swamp you with silence.

However, this week my new book, the one and only sequel to the one and only 'Lady Bag', is now available online. The paperback may still take a little while to be delivered, but Amazon does list it as 'in stock'. The electronic version is ready to download Ė check your favoured retailer.

Itís called 'Crocodiles and Good Intentions'. Everyone knows that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and these are at the heart of the story. Lady Bag Ė keeping up her dialogues with her dog, Electra, and her enemy the Devil Ė has never needed a map when on her way to trouble. This time, though, a half-hearted promise to a fellow prisoner put her straight on the road to hell.

The Ďcrocodilesí is her metaphor for what can happen if you take the wrong partner to bed. So beware.

For some unexplained reason this book took forever to complte and then another age to get ready for English language readers. (Itís been out for nearly a year in German.) I can only say as an excuse that Iíve been having trouble, lately, with my eyes.

Last time, for 'Lady Bag', I drew the greyhound on the cover myself. This time I asked a young friend, Tristan Buckland (whoís just starting up as a designer), to have a go. It turned out to be his first professional assignment, but he understood the job perfectly and I was really happy with the result. The dog he photographed is my daughterís dog, Flo. My own photo of my daughter in profile, wearing my hat, is the image on the covers of the newish edition of the six Anna Lee books. I like to keep things in the family if I possibly can.

But never mind that Ė I keep on trucking. At the moment Iím working on something completely out of character. Itís a story about vampires, or is it vampirism? Even I donít know yet. Watch this space.

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