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Liza Cody Newsletter Number 1 -- August 2009

August 3, 2009

When the website went up August 1st last year I promised I wouldnít flood subscribers with newsletters. Iíve managed to keep that promise for one whole year.

Apart from marking the anniversary, Iím writing to let you know that Iíll be coming to the US in October, to attend the Bouchercon in Indianapolis between the 15th and the 18th. If youíre not familiar with the event, itís the largest conference for fans, writers and professionals in the mystery world Ė check it out on www.bouchercon2009.com.

Iím hoping to get together with my old co-conspirators, Michael Z. Lewin and Peter Lovesey, to do a panel called Dirty Rotten Liars. But the final decision is up to the conference organisers whoíll tell us at the beginning of next month. If youíre anywhere near Indy, do consider coming even if itís only for one day. Thereís a terrific Book Room and if youíre really unlucky you might meet an author or two.

This rare sortie into the wider world is because I hope that my book, Gimme More, will be out by October in the US. Originally due in March from Bloody Brits Press, it was delayed. But Iíve talked with the publishers and itís definitely going to emerge one of these days. Once I know which day Iíll post it on my site.

Meanwhile I continue to work Ė yes, still on the book that features in the over-the-shoulder pictures on my site. Itís called HOPE AND ELECTRA or maybe THE DEVIL HAS NO SCENT or maybeÖ But itís something Iíve been working on for a couple of years and now itís nearly finished. Iíve done 3 drafts and had 300 last thoughts but Iím still not ready to send it out into the world by itself. Suppose it canít stand on its own two feet? Suppose nobody likes it and someone steals its lunch money? Paranoid writers, eh?

One of the real surprises in the last year has been the number of people whoíve left messages on my ĎDiscussioní page. There hasnít been much actual discussing, but thatís fine. Different people have different interests, and as Iím one of those folk who doesnít really know what she thinks till sheís written it down, itís been interesting to try to find rational answers to some of the questions.

Itís another cold, wet August here in England so no one can say thereís been much climate change. Nevertheless Iím hoping the slump, recession (whatever you choose to call it), and the ugly sight of total greed amongst our bankers, financiers and politicians might make us all rethink consumerism. I wonít bet the farm on it though Ė after all weíve had an equal opportunities act in place for decades and women are still only earning 80% of what men get, and working mothers are still most likely to be on the breadlineÖ and so on Ė well it wouldnít be me if I didnít end on a rant.

Be well and be lucky, but donít be-have.

3rd August 2009

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Don't judge a book by its cover, or a bag lady by her appearance. "I didn't always look like this," she says. "Being barmy doesn't mean I'm stupid." Lady Bag does have her problems - her close relationship with cheap red wine, for example. When she gets hammered she talks to her dog. When she's extra-hammered her dog talks to her. Guess who makes better sense. She and her greyhound, Electra, wander through the streets of London, seeing a Dickensian side of the capital city that's only visible to the homeless. Together they accept the kindness or unkindness of strangers with the same wry patience. Until, on one dreadful day, they meet the Devil outside the National Portrait Gallery.
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