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I tried a few different drawings for Electra, but this is the one I liked best for the cover.

About Lady Bag

Sara Paretsky says: ‘…made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up for a whole novel… Lady Bag is … perfectly realized…’

Peter Lovesey says: ‘A great read. Lady Bag is a wonderful addition to your line-up of unforgettable women characters… I was deeply involved in her life and situation from page one. Great dialogue as ever and some gorgeous imagery… It all added up to a book I’m sorry to close.’

Mat Coward (reviewing in The Morning Star): ‘… it’s the sharp writing as much as the unusual setting that makes this book such a joy. Cody’s dialogue is always funny and full of purpose, and here she’s found her perfect protagonist – a creative mangler of platitudes, and uncontrollable shredder of pomp and hypocrisy.’

I was delighted when the German feminist publisher, Ariadne, decided to translate Lady Bag for the German mystery market. They did a brilliant job, even getting the book to the mystery best-seller list in Germany