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Born Again Porn Again. Seriously.

Coming back to a horrible subject – I receive regular pornographic emails. I consign them to junk and block the domains of the senders, but they just keep coming.

Occasionally I check them out. Some purport to be sent by men, others by women. The stuff supposedly sent by men threatens me with exposure for wanking to porn sites. When it's apparently from women who 'know what men want' it is simple-minded and disgusting. Both approaches presume to be telling men what they want and what they're doing about it. That's a presumption insulting to men and damaging to women.

Are men so stereotypical in enough numbers to make this kind of fishing worthwhile? I don't know the answer. But why don't the ones who aren't 'stereotypical' as disturbed and angry as I am?

I'm particularly distressed this week because I help sponsor a Ugandan initiative which, among other things, runs workshops for school girls. The latest report, which came in yesterday, was about the abuse of orphan girls as young as 8 or 9. Their stories are heartbreaking and very, very painful.

I'm linking these two thoughts because, if the pornographers are correct, there are men, and (awful notion) maybe a few women, who would pay to see abuse like this.


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