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Normal Service?

There have been several excuses in the past couple of weeks to gnaw my fingernails down to the second knuckle.

First there was the Post Office telling me there is no connection between itself and Royal Mail: that false information put on a label by someone at the Post Office which resulted in a lost parcel had nothing to do with the PO because the information on the PO's computer was from a Royal Mail site. Not our problem, mate.

Then there's Bose who refuse to repair a very expensive piece of kit even if I pay them because the machine is out of warranty. 'Have you tried using a lens cleaner, mate?' I'd never have thought of that.

BANES Refuse Department's helpline tells complainants to write an email. No one called me mate.

Finally, my internet provider, Plusnet, has provided no service or extremely patchy service for the past two days. A complaint results in the information that they 'have problems.' I'd never have thought of that either. The only email I've received this afternoon was, yeah, from Plusnet, telling me that because they're been working so hard to improve service for their customers they'll be putting up their prices from June on.

Frustration makes me sarcastic.


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