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Trying to Think Clearly.

Anti-Semitism has been described as 'The Longest Hatred.' It has so often been used by those with power and influence to distract ordinary people's attention for other, real and pressing problems. You only have to think about Germany in the '30s.

Is this what's happening now in the UK's Labour Party? Is the right wing press using accusations of anti-Semitism to tear the left apart? It looks like it.

But is there anti-Semitism in the Left leadership? Yes, it looks like it.

Is there anti-Semitism on the Right too? There always has been and I'd be very surprised if there weren't now.

Is there a very real problem between Israel and Palestine which is being bungled and mismanaged? Yes, there is. Is it all Israel's fault? No, it isn't. Is it all Palestine's fault. No, it isn't. Shouldn't everyone be bringing whatever loving, creative power and influence they possess to help? Yes, they should.

Are there very real and pressing problems in the UK as well – like Brexit, xenophobia, the economy, the NHS, which are being bungled and mismanaged? Oh dear, yes.

Are we, the Jews, totally fed up with being used as a distraction? Well, I know I am. And does this brou-ha-ha about anti-Semitism remind me of the '30s? Yes it does. Does it frighten me? Yes it really does.


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